Head First

With the new advances in products and technologies, we have on-demand personalized hair loss solutions that are helping people achieve the look that gets the right attention. Our technicians are kept up-to-date on how to find the answer that’s right for you. And all it takes is one call.

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Boost Your Hair and Your Self Confidence

Whether you’re looking to keep the hair you have, stop hair loss in early stages, or recover a full head of hair after years of severe loss or sudden trauma, Head First hair restoration centers can help you.It starts with understanding that you’re

Your DNA, biology, diet, scalp condition and other factors add up to a profile that requires individual treatment. We have it. So you can have it your way.

Women can have the hair they want with Kingshead's Head First program.

Men’s Hair

Men who couldn’t find a truly great solution to hair loss or thinning, aging hair have been shaving their heads for years. Finally art and science have caught up to what you want to see in the mirror – and what you want others to see. Even the best hair can be better. And even thinning, aging hair can be treated and brought back to life.

Women’s Hair

Thin isn’t in when it comes to hair. Most women want their hair to look fuller and thicker – especially women experiencing hair loss. That’s why they look for solutions to thinning, brittle or aging hair, or hair that’s been affected by genetic factors, scalp conditions or chemical treatments. With new advances in products and technology, you can have on-demand, personalized hair loss solutions.

Men can have the hair they want with KingsHead's Head First program.