Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be used to make your hair thicker or longer. They can add exotic highlights to your hairstyle. They can give you the longer hairstyle you want now, while your own hair is still growing. At KingsHead, we offer a patented, advanced hair extension system that is safe, natural and undetectable. Our extensions are of the highest quality and will perfectly match your existing hair. Everyone is different and so is your hair. We will work with you to find the right hair extensions service that is as unique as you.

At KingsHead, we use Bellami hair extensions. These extensions are the highest quality cuticle remy human hair that will give the wow factor you are looking for. The difference is clear. These are some of the top hair extensions in the country. These extensions are available in a variety of colors and textures. Get a new, natural look that is right for you.

A consultation is necessary prior to any application, and you will be guided through the process by your own personal technician. Not sure if this is the right solution for you and want to find out more? Or want to book an appointment? Contact us today.

A woman with hair extensions.
A lady with long hair.


Five Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

  1. Color
    Test out different hair colors without permanently changing the color of your hair.
  2. Length
    Make your hair longer without waiting for your hair to grow out.
  3. Volume
    Go from thick to thin and add some body to your hair.
  4. Style
    With more hair you can change your look and style your hair in different ways. Braids, buns, ponytails, and more!
  5. No Damage
    You don’t have to worry about preventing your hair growth with no damage hair extensions.

Products Used:

  • Bellami