Tips From Your Stylists While You’re Staying At Home

During this “Stay at Home” time we want you to know that KingsHead is here for you. Call with any questions or concerns about your hair care needs and order products online at our website. We will them ship direct to your door. We miss you and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Be safe & stay healthy!


Finding time for yourself, can often feel like a chore or too time consuming, however this “stay at home” time gives you the perfect opportunity to concentrate on you & your family for a change. Benefits include stress reduction, a healthier immune system & overall superior emotional well-being.


So in this time of Staying at Home, it is still important to look & feel good. Even though you can’t get to the salon to see your hairstylist/barber for cuts & color. Now more than ever, this is where styling products come to the rescue. You have the foundation of a good KingsHead Haircut. So for men…gels, sprays & texture products will help keep your hair in place.

For women, depending on your hair type…styling lotions, smoothing products, texture sprays & volumizing mousses will maintain the shape & condition of your hair until you can get back in again.

Check out our complete product line on our website & call with any questions. We are happy to help.


Use the extra downtime to do some clarifying shampoos to remove product build-up. Also try deep conditioning treatments. If you have coarser texture hair you can leave the deep conditioner on overnight.

If you feel you absolutely can’t wait for your next haircut you can trim your bangs or the top of your hair yourself using a point cutting method. Using very little tension on the hair use the tips of the shear carefully chip at the hair. Remember less is more! You can always go back in & take more off if needed. But don’t be too quick to grab those shears…this just may be the perfect opportunity (while you aren’t seeing many people) to let it be & do the grow out you’ve thought of doing in the past. Then when we see you for your next appointment we can talk about moving into a new style.

Lastly, continue to take care of and style your hair every day. It will help you feel like yourself.


Try to make it through this Stay at Home without trying home hair color as it could be a disaster & lead to needing corrective hair color once you can get back to the salon.

Clairol makes a color spray that comes in many shades & washes out easily & is non-damaging to your hair. It might be an option for you during this time.


Want to make a dramatic hair change without sacrificing length, then curtain bangs may be the answer. Flowing layers can frame your face & go with almost any length hair..long or short. What’s more, the longer the fringe adds a lived-in quality that is in-demand right now.

Curtain bangs don’t just look good when the hair is down-they can really add to your style when the hair is pulled up into a stylish updo or carefree ponytail. Curtain fringe can add volume & natural wave to curly or wavy hair, giving a romantic old world feel. Bonus during this time those bangs could also hide that graying front hairline.

Hair Masks

While conditioners & shampoos are intended for daily use, hair masks are meant to be applied every third shampoo or whenever intense conditioning is needed. Heat styling can lead to dry hair. This is a good time to forego the heat styling & use a good mask as a way to hit the reset button on your hair & give it a chance to start over. Check our website for products that can be shipped directly to your door.



Many of you may currently be dealing with breakouts from stress and/or dryness. While at home, your well being is very important, including your skin health.

As covid-19 preventative care, keep your hands clean & away from your face as much as possible & keep hands moisturized after washing them.

Reorganize your skincare: Toss away expired products & clean & disinfect your products. If you have a new line you’ve been wanting to try, now is the perfect time to try it, as you will be able to see the effectiveness over a period of time & your skin is able to adjust.

Don’t overdo with exfoliation & home face masks. Less is more.

Always use a broad spectrum SPF. I recommend Bioelements SPF 30. Its great, light weight & oil free.

Keep a balanced routine, drink lots of water, Exercise, and eat a healthy diet that includes berries, greens & veggies. Its easy to get into an unhealthy snack routine during this time so go easy on those snacks. Your skin loves antioxidants, vitamin C, D and E. Remember that your gut mirrors your skin complexion. It’s important to keep healthy habits for your overall wellbeing.


Take care & stay healthy.