Preventing Hair Thinning

There are plenty of ways to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Below are some ways you can prevent hair thinning by keeping your hair strong.

1. Plenty of Protein
High quality lean protein diet helps the body produce keratin. When keratin weakens, hair is more prone to breakage. One of the best foods for hair growth specifically is sea food like shellfish and fish. These foods contain fatty acids and vitamin B3, along with iron and zinc which builds up the essential proteins and minerals needs for strong hair growth.

2. Care for Your Scalp
A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Buildup on the scalp and other skin conditions can cause thin hair or hair loss. Using professional products that are specifically designed for the condition of the scalp will create a health environment for your hair to grow.   

3. Think of Your Thyroid
Thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism can cause thinning hair and is common in postmenopausal women. If your thyroid gland either doesn’t produce enough or produces too much of certain hormone, thyroid conditions can occur and if they get to severe, can affect the growth of your hair. When hormone production is disrupted, it affects other processes in the body. This includes the development of hair at the root which means when hair falls out it may not be replaced by new growth. This results in thinning across your scalp. Fortunately, mild forms of thyroid conditions don’t normally lead to hair thinning.

4. Increase Your Iron Intake
Vegetarianism, heavy periods, excessive cardiovascular exercise, and regular blood donation can all lead to low ierum ferritin, which is the protein that stores iron in your body. Foods like turkey, chicken, fish, spinach, kale, and pumpkin seeds help increase iron naturally.

5. Get a Your Scalp Analyzed
KingsHead Hair Salon staff is trained in Head First Hair Loss Prevention and Scalp Therapy. This program is specifically designed to analyze the scalp to determine which of the Capilia products or scalp treatments are needed to bring balance to your scalp.