Tangle-Free Hair Tips

This is a problem for  lots of people with long hair. If it’s not the frizz and humidity, it’s the tangled locks and snarled hair. There are many different ways to achieve tangle-free hair though. Here are a few tips to get you started,


Tip # 1 Conditioner Works Wonders
Conditioner softens the hair which makes it easier to comb through. A conditioner’s job is to hydrate your hair. It does this by using a specific formula. It also helps with detangling and strengthen hair.


Tip #2 Use a Wide-Toothed Comb
Using a wide toothed comb made of natural materials will reduce static energy build-up. Make sure you comb your hair from the end up to the roots in sections. This way, you can easily detangle your hair without pulling hair follicles from the root.


Tip #3 Consider Hair Masks
Tangle prone hair is usually dry or dehydrated which is why it’s important to keep hair moisturized. Hair masks are a great way to accomplish this because they contain hydrating ingredients like oils. Before you step out of the shower, use a hair mask focusing on the parts that tangle the most, like the ends of your hair. Use this in place of regular conditioner and your hair will be nice and smooth after you rise.


Tip #4 There’s Also Detangling Spray
Detangling spray accomplishes just what it sounds like it will. By using this before you comb your hair, it adds moisture to dry or damp hair which helps detangle the strands.


Tip #5 A Few Last Tips Before Bed
Before you go to sleep, braid your hair. You may have heard this tip before and it helps because it prevents strands from friction and getting tousled around as you move in your sleep. Using a silk pillowcase can also help with hair because it won’t rub or create friction that could damage your hair.