How to Repair/Fix Damaged Hair

The first step is to know what to look for when it comes to your hair. How do you know if your
hair is damaged? If your hair has a rough texture and tangles easily then your hair is probably
damaged. Split ends are also a major sign that hair is breaking. Other than looking at the ends
of your hair, if your hair is lacking shine and moisture, this means your cuticles are damaged.
Now, how can you repair and fix your hair? Here are a few solutions:

1. A Haircut Can Help
Getting a haircut can undo and restore body to your hair. You don’t have to cut off all of your
hair, just trimming the split ends and treating the rest of your hair on your own works fine. If you
are brave enough to get a shorter cut or even a pixie cut, the damage will be taken care of and
your hair can start growing fresh again. When you take care of your damaged hair, it is
important to use a restorative shampoo and hydrating conditioner.

2. Take it Easy with the Heat
This isn’t just referring to styling tools, but hot water as well. It’s no secret that heat damages
hair so take caution with how often you use blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners. Be
sure to always use a heat protection product or apply a restorative styling treatment that lets
your hair dry naturally.

3. The Dangers of Hair Chemicals and Color
If your hair is already damaged, don’t risk using chemicals on it. Bleach and hair color is harsh
on hair because it opens the shaft to strip it of its natural color. Wait on getting a perm as well.
This process alters your hair structure to make it either straight or curly. The chemicals used in
this process weaken your hair shaft and make your hair porous. Instead of using such harsh
methods, you can use a temporary smoother formula or a strong setting spray used to produce
curl with minimal damage.

4. Ever Heard of Treatment Masks?
Hair masks are like super powered conditioners and some are hydrating and some are
strengthening depending on your type. Most of the time they contain oils, proteins, ceramides,
butters, and other beneficial ingredients. After you shampoo your hair, apply the hair mask and
let it sit for around five minutes. Then you rinse it off, skip using conditioner and you’re good to
go. Using this treatment can improve elasticity and shine. Treatments should be used every 7 to
14 days depending on how often you shampoo your hair. Talk to your stylist to recommend the
best treatment for your hair.

5. Remember to Eat Healthy
Eating right can help heal damaged hair as well. Water, vitamins, and essential nutrients keep
hair strong, as do lean meats and other proteins. The overall health of your body plays a big
factor in the health of your hair and is the most natural way to fix damaged hair.

These are a few ways to get your hair back to being healthy and beautiful. Remember to
maintain your hair to get the best look and feel that you love.