True or False? The Facts May Surprise You

How many “facts” have you heard about hair? Maybe you’ve heard that you should, comb your hair 100 times a day or that red is the rarest hair color. But which of these statements are true and which are false? Here are six hair facts with the answer to that very question and who knows, you might be surprised.

  1. Hair Grows Faster When It’s Trimmed Frequently
    False: Hair growth starts at the follicles in your scalp. However, cutting your hair frequently helps clean up split ends which, in some cases, may make hair look longer or fuller. Breakage is what causes hair to look thinner and more brittle so it is important to get a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks. Even if getting your hair cut won’t make it grow faster it will keep hair looking healthy.
  2. If You Use the Same Shampoo It Will Stop Working Overtime
    Half Truth: The purpose of shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp and that is not going to change regardless of how long you use the product. If you are using a poor quality shampoo it might be creating build up on your hair and scalp causing your hair to look dull and and leaving hair follicles clogged. In that case it would be wise to change shampoo brands but ultimately the shampoo is cleansing the hair but it might be leaving behind unwanted residue and that is what affects your hair overtime.
  3. Hair Balm Can Rebuild Your Split Ends
    False: There is no product that can make split ends grow back new. What hair balm does is smooth the hair cuticle giving it a silky look and feel. Hair balms are meant to restore the proper amount of moisture to the hair. Alas, they are not the miracle cure to fixing split ends.
  4. Stress Can Cause Your Hair to Fall Out
    Half Truth: Severe stress can cause hair loss. Smaller everyday stressful situations don’t typically cause your hair to fall out, unless that stress is causing you to pull at your hair. Physical stress like childbirth or menopause is the kind of stress that can affect your hair.
  5. Washing Hair in Cold Water Will Give You Shinier Hair
    False: The temperature of water does not affect the shine of your hair. What can make a difference is the conditioner you use. Water does not have shining abilities, it actually opens or closes the cuticle by absorbing water and swelling up.
  6. Hair Oils Make Your Hair Greasy
    Half Truth: When hair oils are applied to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair it can increase the shine of hair but oil applied to the base of the hair and scalp can make your hair look greasy depending on the type of oil. Some hair care oils actually penetrate the hair strands themselves and provide moisture for the hair but always use oil in moderation, any large amount of oil will give a greasy look. You should be cautious of using hair oils near your scalp if you tend to have an oily scalp.