Manicures Offer More Than Pretty Nails

Manicures are not only a way to pamper yourself and make your nails look pretty, there are many health benefits as well. There is no doubt that manicures are a great way to unwind and destress after a long day. That’s the first benefit of a good manicure; it decreases stress levels. When some people feel stressed, they pick at their cuticles which leaves them dry and cracked. The same can be said about those who bite their nails because they’re nervous or bored. Usually, hand massages are included in a manicure and that is optimal way to relieve stress and calm the nerves. Massages are also good for increasing blood circulation. Massages improve blood circulation in the hands and increase the mobility of the joints in your fingers and wrists.

Aside from massages, the main benefit of manicures is improving the health of your nails. Just like hair, nails are made of a protein called keratin and need proper care and attention. Hands are exposed to a lot of elements that come with a lot of germs. Getting a manicure can reduce the chance of your nails getting fungi or other infections. It’s a good idea to get a deep clean to remove dead skin cells.

Basic manicures cover all of the essential benefits that are offered during a typical manicure. They are ideal for those who have never had a manicure before. The first thing the nail technician does is soak your hands in warm water. This helps to soften dead skin cells and cuticles. Secondly, the technician cleans your hands and nails, clips your cuticles and nails, and files your nails to the length and shape you desire. A hand massage with a relaxing, moisturizing lotion commonly follows. Lastly, the technician paints your nails with a base layer, main layer, and top layer. They you let your nails dry and you’re ready to go!

Nails are a reflection of your health and well being. If your nails are chipped or cracking that could be a sign of a lack of calcium or other nutrients in the body. Scheduling a regular manicure can promote healthy nails, cuticles, and skin. Manicures can prevent hangnails, broken nails, dry cuticles, and splitting fingernails. Being healthy is a beautiful thing and there’s nothing greater than having your natural beauty shine through.