Capilia and Hair Loss Prevention

Here at Kingshead we have recently been licensed to use Capilia. Capilia is a line of products that provides solutions to conditions that can affect your scalp. These products were based on the science of trichology. What is trichology? Trichology is the study of scalp and hair problems. These problems include things like hair loss and baldness. Capilia products are green because they use biocompatible processes and biodegradable elements.

Hair Loss For Men

For men, hair loss is around 95% androgenetic and hereditary. Men can also lose hair as a result of illness, stressful circumstances, changes in hormone levels, surgical procedures, and scalp infections. Men’s Complex Shampoo has ingredients that include African kigelia, sage, and ginkgo biloba. These contain purifying activity that is specifically designed for men’s hair and scalp.

Hair Loss For Women

Hair loss in women can be hereditary, hormonal, or related to a health problem. Women tend to have baldness or thinning of hair in the top third to half of their scalp. Women’s Complex Shampoo contains ingredients like milk protein, amino acids, and vitamin B6. The stimulating follicle action is specified toward women’s hair and scalp.

Capilia is capable of helping with:

  • Thinning of the hair
  • Oily or dry scalp
  • Brittle or dull hair
  • Scalp eczema
  • And much more

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