2017 Hair Trends

The Oxford dictionary defines a trend as, a general direction in which something is developing or changing. The fashion and style industry is constantly changing. Trends keep the world from always looking the same. The irony is that trends change on such a rapid basis and often times comes full circle. This year, hairstyle trends are all across the board and these are some of the top trends for women and men.

Styles for Women

  • Platinum Blonde
    Two percent of people in the world are natural blondes. Blonde hair is actually a small genetic mutation that deals with a slight change in a person’s DNA. There are around 30 different shades of blonde hair and platinum is currently the most popular. Platinum blonde hair gives a silvery-white look to the classic natural blonde color.
  • High Ponytail
    The high ponytail is versatile and easy to do. Whether your hair is wavy or straight, this look adds an elegant touch to any style. Sleek, straight hair especially complements formal attire and a wavy high ponytail can give a casual fun vibe.
  • Blunt Bob
    This is quite arguably the most popular style of the year. The blunt bob is all about obtaining clean lines and dramatic angles that accentuate both the jawline and cheekbones. It’s a bold look that add a sign of confidence and poise. With this hairstyle, a middle part is ideal for round and oval faces, while a side part works for more angular faces.
  • Fishtail Braid
    The fishtail braid works with just about every hair type! This classic look has unlimited potential for a number of different hairstyles. The fishtail braid is looked at as modern and chic. Not only are celebrities fond of this look but so are many other young women who are upgrading from the original three strand braid.

Styles for Men

  • Add Highlights
    Adding highlights is a great way to try a new color for your hair. It provides a simple change without completely discarding your natural hair color. Highlights work best for darker colored hair like auburn brown or raven black. Blondes can also get platinum or lighter blonde highlights depending on their particular shade. One tip for choosing the perfect highlight is to find one that suits your skin tone for a more vibrant, defined look.
  • Undercut and Texture
    Undercuts and textured haircuts are men’s most popular trend for 2017. The textured trend adds a modern twist to classic hairstyles. Just give it a tousled or messy finish and you’re good to go. Undercut styles work for almost every hair type be it, curly, thick, wavy, or straight. Today, there are many variations of this style that are sure to fit your unique look.
  • Fringe Cut
    Fringe cuts work with any type of hair such as, side swept, straight, wavy, or curly. If you have defined cheekbones, the fringe cut can balance out your face as a whole. This hairstyle also helps with receding hairlines because it adds coverage where needed.

No matter what look you choose to go with, remember to stay true to yourself. Reflect who you are as a person and let others see the real you. That’s another great thing about trends that continue to change, people continue to change as well.